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The Commonwealth Government has introduced new ways to temporarily access your super in response to the coronavirus. Super SA has also adopted these changes (in addition to members already being able to access their super in times of severe financial hardship or on compassionate grounds).

Eligible members can access up to $10,000 of their superannuation this financial year (2020/21).

This is a temporary measure is now closed

Call volumes and wait times are much longer than usual. We’re doing our best to help all members as quickly as we can. For non urgent requests please email us at

Don't meet the criteria?

Click below to learn more the Early Release of Superannuation Benefits on Specified Grounds.

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Are you a Super SA scheme member?

If you are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand you are eligible for early release if you need your superannuation to deal with the adverse financial impact of COVID-19, and you meet one or more of the following criteria:

• you are unemployed*

• you are receiving (or are eligible to receive)

- a job seeker payment* 

- parenting payment (which includes the single and partnered payments)* 

- special benefit allowance* 

- youth allowance (other than on the basis that the person is undertaking full time study or are a new apprentice)* 

- farm household allowance**

• you have been made redundant since 1 January 2020

• your working hours have been reduced by 20 per cent or more

• you are a sole trader and have had your business suspended

• you are a sole trader and your turnover has reduced by 20 per cent or more.

*Under the Social Security Act 1991
 ** Under the Farm Household Support Act 2014

You also need to be a member of one of these schemes:

• Triple S 

• Super SA Select 

• Pension Scheme (Rollover Account only) 

• Lump Sum Scheme (Rollover Account only) 

• SA Ambulance Service Superannuation Scheme 

• Flexible Rollover Product

How to apply? 

Once you have gone through the checklist above and established that you are eligible, use the below button to access the online application form to apply to Super SA.

All applications must be submitted directly to Super SA (and not the ATO).

You must apply separately for each year;

> the application for the payment for the 20/21 financial year must be made from 1 July 2020 until no later than 31 December 2020.

Please ensure you send through the completed form plus all applicable evidence as outlined on page one of the form. Bank account verification may also be required. See below for Proof of Identity requirements. 

Do you meet the eligibility criteria?

Member Portal 

COVID-19 Proof of Identity Certification (POI)

The Commonwealth Government has rules to help prevent money laundering and counter terrorism activities. This means that you’ll be required to provide proof of identity to verify who you are when withdrawing money from your super.

Please refer to Proof of Identity (POI) Fact Sheet for ID requirements. If, however, you are unable to meet those requirements as a result of COVID 19 movement restrictions, then the following temporary options are also available; 

  • Withdrawal up to $1,000 – we can accept scanned POI without certification. 
  • Withdrawal over $1,000 or change of details – if Super SA have a prior driver’s licence, we will accept a scanned, updated version without certification, so long as it is the same licence number, and your photo on both documents can be adequately matched. 
  • If neither of the above options are possible (i.e. it is the first time you are providing your POI) then you will need to provide: A scanned POI photographic identification (Drivers Licence, Passport or Proof of Age Card) and a photographic image of yourself whilst holding your photographic ID and a Super SA document holding your Client ID. 

If you do not have photographic identification then you will need to obtain certification (e.g. at a police station) as it is not possible to implement alternative validation processes in this circumstance.

Watch and learn about the new Temporary Early Access to Superannuation

Please note: If you are a temporary resident, different criteria apply and you should not fill out this form.  Please contact Super SA to discuss how you can make an application.

Is the early release of your super right for you?

Superannuation is a long term investment and we strongly recommend that you seek financial advice before making the withdrawal. Complimentary financial counselling is available from on Covid-19 and early access to super. 

Click here to learn why you need to apply directly to Super SA.Visit the MoneySmart websiteDownload form

Applications closed for the Early Release of Superannuation Benefit Payment.